21 February 2011


two frames from my first test roll of medium format film. hasselblad 501cm with kodak portra 400.

uploading seems to have flattened the quality of the scans considerably, they are not really so greyish-green. i don't think analogue is meant for the internet anyway. the rest of the roll did not turn out so good, most of the frames were out of focus or just weird otherwise - further proof that even when armed with a hasselblad, it's down to who is taking the pictures, not what.

very excited to learn more, though; i wanted to put these here for documentative and reflective purposes, so i can look back later and track development.

also introducing this strange attempt at a self-portrait with a very short cable release. i believe it falls under both "out of focus" and "just weird otherwise" categories.

this shall be the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship.

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