01 November 2010

LXII - end of a legend

i couldn't resist.
i gave rise to the analogue geek in me and bought a roll of kodachrome 64 slide film. (price £9.99 including processing - original price £16.99)
kodachrome 64 is not being manufactured anymore.
in fact it's only processed in one single shop in the entire world.
in kansas.
where it will go to via switzerland,
which is where i have to send this first,
because i am in europe.
and that one single shop stops all processing on december 30th, 2010.
this roll has to be in switzerland by the end of november.

so this film has to be absolutely perfect, because it's my first and last chance to use it.

it's like having 36 little baby jesuses.

oh yeah, i've never used slide film.

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