01 March 2013


Hey all! It's been pretty quiet around these parts, but I haven't dropped off the face of the planet yet (though I have been watching lots of sci-fi space dramas recently). My final year at Edinburgh College of Art is soon coming to a close and I have been really busy working on my dissertation as well as my final photo project - more to follow on that later!

This June will be especially exciting as I will be participating in the biggest graduate art show in Europe, the Free Range Art & Design Show in London. The collective I belong to, SoftBox Photography Collective, has reserved a space on Brick Lane for the dates between 13-17 June, and we are now working super hard to fundraise and realise the exhibition. And it's not cheap, guys - we've calculated our budget to be about £6,500 short of its goal at the moment. So we have set up a crowdfunding project on Sponsume and are humbly asking EVERYONE we know, have met, worked with, photographed, drunk, sung and danced with to help young photographers out with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Even just £1 is already a huge deal for us, and if everyone we knew donated that, we'd be sorted! So easy! If only...

The above swanky video, as well as more information, testimonials, and details on all the AWESOME STUFF you can get as a thank you gift if you donate can be found here:


We've already had three big exhibitions in Edinburgh. The Graduate Show at ECA will be the fourth, but we want to go all out. This is THE big break for a lot of us hoping to make it in London and the wider world. Please show your appreciation for young, emerging photographers today!

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